Hi. My name is Jamie. I am somewhat shy and lonely, showing signs like:
  1. Being mouse-like quiet
  2. Not giving a flying fish about anything
  3. Afraid of standing out/being noticed
  4. Scared of huge crowds

But I've been told by girls that I am:
  1. Cute
  2. Tall (6feet4 I am)
  3. Talented (Plays the piano, guitar and a lil' bit of drums)
It's true!

Hi. I am Natalie, an 

cruel bitch! 

who has this perception that all men’s nothing but trouble...
and seem to believe that being a woman’s somewhat more of a curse than blessing.


We found each other through the web 4 years ago. 
Today, we still very much enjoy each other's company...
And what a better way to celebrate than having a blog, together?

But, we are just friends, really! =p

If one day we're both 30 and single, I might just propose to you.
And I might just say "I do" =)

But till then, we're really really really JUST FRIENDS!

By the way, we're really noob at this, but we're determined to make this work together. 
So, do support us! =)