Friday, 1 July 2011

Mosquito vs Natalie

Level of frustration: *****


Level of frustration: *****

NO SOLUTION!!!   ='(

And the WINNER is...
Note: No prize for guessing it right.

Do take note. This is of extreme importance!!! 
If you don't see any new posts here by next week, it can only mean one thing:

Natalie have killed me- literally

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Kelvin said...

Lol, too bad u can't kill the other one XD

Flirtatious Friends said...

Hahaha... that's right, Kelvin!

budak ice said...

yeahhh...girl power !! haha ;P

A retarded kitty said...

Natalie will win.
no doubt about it


Nate River said...

you can always run away when your ears are annoyed =)

Hey thx for visiting my blog=)

Ruiting said...

Hahaha. Good luck to you and jia you to Natalie. :P

steph said...

HAHAHA. This is a hilarious comic strip! glad to be reading it on a Monday morning... chase away the monday blues lol!

superb an said...

hahhaha , funny !

levian said...

hah! simple n straight to the point, i absolutely love how it goes! XD

Pou Leen said...

sweat breaking out... WTF LOL!

Emily said...

mosquito flying..,. PIAK! killed XD

ivn said...

do u only update once a month? that's a bit long... :(

Anonymous said...

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